A CCTV system has many uses :- home or business security , watching stock, door entry  or keeping an eye on things anywhere.

It can be recorded stored and viewed from anywhere in the world using phones or computers.


At T.T.S we give no nonsense advice on camera systems, we explain different terms such as lux level, PTZ control, IP camera in simple easy to understand language.
Our range of cameras can be basic or high resolution with or without IR lighting, vandal proof or waterproof and some have night vision as well

We can provide anything from simple one camera installations linked to a TV network in house or flats to multi camera recording systems viewable from anywhere in the world.
We even have systems for blocks of flats to convert the camera output from analogue to digital allowing it to be seen on modern digital TVs without switching back to analogue.
Using IP cameras you can view the images on a mobile phone, record the camera pictures anywhere in the world where broadband is available