Mobile Radio


Please visit our new Mobile Radio web site…….. DMR Networks

 Towerhill Technical Services are now Licenced suppliers of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) As we all know staying in contact with your workforce is important for a  smooth operation while out in the field.

Although mobile phones can provide some contact with staff onsite, not all areas recieve good signal. With a Private Mobile Radio System covering your site this does not become a problem.

T.T.S can offer local systems to cover various sites including Farms, Building Sites, Hotels and Camping Sites  or most sites requiring reliable communications.

So if you have a single site or multiple sites covering a large geographical area T.T.S can:-

Link the sites                                               Site Wide Communications

Secure Digital Links                                    Text Messaging

One-One or system Wide Broadcast

Tracking information for lone worker Situations.

T.T.S provide a free initial consultation.

Marine Radio

We can also supply and install or repair VHF Marine radio systems.

T.T.S can design and install a solution to suit your needs, from a few hand held, vehicle mobile, devices. Base station/ repeater and simplex channel to a complete Networking System.

For more Information contact T.T.S on 01308 888 020