Satellite Broadband

In conjunction with Europasat we are suppliers of Satellite Broadband.
We provide systems for permanant or short term hire

We now have over 50 installations throughout Europe.

Our clients include British Renewal Solar, Severn and Trent water, and many private customers.

What is satellite Broadband? Well its exactly what it says. Broadband delivered from a satellite.

Is it the same as land based satellite? Well Yes and No. It can provide everything land based BB can but at a cost as it is a finite resource. It is ideal if you are a remote location with no chance of land based Broadband but is not really suitable for downloading films etc.

Can I use my phone over it. Yes IP phones work well and it is also possible to link your mobile phone  allowing phone reception in areas with no coverage.

The costs are very different from terrestrial BB.  You need a satellite dish that transmits and receives signals. The biggest difference is you pay for what you use so e-mail, face book  and  file transfer is no problem. But films etc.  just uses up your monthly allowance.

Who are typical users? Anyone who cannot get normal BB, Remote Camp Sites. Farms, Solar parks, Hydro Electric Schemes, remote private houses Contractors with remote sites and many more.

To find out more then call Mike on o1308 888 020 or email him